Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Case Study - Large Garden in Surrey - Update 2

The landscapers have been on site now for a few weeks and the garden is starting to take shape. The site still looks horribly messy, but the structural walls on the conservatory side of the garden are in place and the blockwork that will create the rest of the terraces is going up rapidly.

The circular brick structure attached to the conservatory terrace rear wall shown on the photographs below is a barbeque enclosure. It will be fitted with a low steel top that can be raised up and used as a roof in bad weather. It will also be fitted with a steel door.

The main structural wall had been started on the driveway side of the garden when a problem was discovered. The wall had been moved back 300mm (on my instructions), but the pivot point had not been changed in accordingly, so the wall was going in on the wrong arc and would not have fitted into its designated space. I spent a couple of hours on site re-triangulating the pivot point and making sure that the curve of the rear wall was correct so that the wall started and finished at the points shown on the plan. The remainder of the concrete wall was re-shuttered on the correct arc and the difference between the two sections of wall will be evened out with blockwork by the landscapers.

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