Saturday, 24 January 2009

Case Study - Large Garden in Surrey - Update 4

The extremely cold weather in early January put paid to most work on site. We are at the stage where all the blockwork on the left-hand side of the garden is in place and now we need to get the Purbeck stone facing in place. However, this requires mortar, and it is not possible to use mortar temperatures are below freezing – it will not set and when it freezes it will simply blow the facing stone off the walls.

The freezing conditions meant that we could not even dig out footings in other parts of the garden, so work is a little behind.

With the let-up in conditions the facing work is now happening, but very slowly. The stone that was delivered contains a great deal of large stone and a less rustic look is required so much sorting and cutting of stone is necessary. However, those parts of the walls that are finished are really looking great. No photos I’m afraid – I forgot to take my camera on my last couple of site visits!!

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