Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sloping Garden in Gerrards Cross, Bucks - Update 1

Visited site yesterday for the first time since construction started. Although destruction is a more appropriate term for what's going on in the garden at present.

I love this part when the old garden is taken down to reveal the skeleton on which my new design will be built.

This garden has a 3m drop from top to bottom. I'm used to surveying tricky spaces and usually love doing sloping sites. However, this garden was a devil to survey with plants in the way and multiple level changes. The contractors will check my levels carefully before starting construction.

The garden is not huge, so it's very important that all measurements are accurate - even the smallest discrepancy will have an effect on all parts of the plan. The contractors will double check all my measurements before putting in any of the retaining walls.

It's an old property and we're not sure what's under the existing garden, although nothing alarming has shown up so far.

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Sterling said...

I love the design! We are launching work on a similar type project here in a few weeks. I hope to complete it in a staggering three days!


Sterling said...

Awesome! We are working on a similar job here in a few weeks!


Linsey said...

Thnks for your great comments. The garden is pretty much finished now and is looking great - I'm really please with it and so is the client.

The key to dealing with levels in my opinion is to keep the design simple and try to minimise the impact of the retaining walls.

Good luck with your three day timescale - this build took 8 weeks!