Monday, 18 July 2011

Garden Design Ideas - Small Shallow Garden - Update 5

This small, shallow garden in Warfield (Berkshire) is so nearly finished, just not quite!

Everything is constructed. The walled alcoves have had their Slate cladding applied. The walls have been painted a fetching purple - love it! The fences, trellises and pergola have been painted black. The paving is laid. The lawn is laid.

Now the garden is infested with electricians. Their stuff is everywhere, so I can't get good photos, grrrrrrrr!! Just kidding. The fabulous Dilwyn Jones and his lovely assistant Noel, are doing a sterling job. The decorative and task lighting are being fitted. The water feature will go in and be connected last.

The garden is a positive hive of activity still with Gareth taking care that the paint job looks perfect and Matt still painting trellis (sorry, I know it's a fiddly, boring job).

The barbeque alcove has worked really well and will function as a small outdoor kitchen.

Next comes the planting - watch this space .......

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