Thursday, 5 January 2012

Garden design tip - Use Bold Structures in Small Garden Design

When designing a small garden it’s tempting to scale down the garden features so as not to clutter the space. The result can often be a muddle of insignificant elements that do the exact opposite. A good tip when designing a small garden is to keep things simple. Use clean lines and geometric shapes. Don’t overcomplicate the design and use a single, bold structure to hold focus inside the garden.

A chunky pergola or a rendered blockwork wall around a seating area will create a sense of enclosure, introduce a touch of drama and ensure that your eye stays inside the garden rather than straying to an unattractive view outside the garden.

A pergola for screening the terrace in a small, sloping, Gerrards Cross garden

For a substantial, impactful pergola use 150mm square timbers. Your local timber yard will cut the timber to the exact length needed and can often be persuaded to cut out notches in the posts for easier assembly. You may need to get some muscle to lift the timber and will definitely need the help of a carpenter.

A pergola over a dining area in a small garden in Berkshire.

For a dramatic screening wall use concrete blocks up to a height of 1.8m which is the maximum allowable in a garden without planning permission. Render the wall and paint it a cheerful, bright colour to add an instant contemporary feel to the garden.

A blockwork wall enclosing a dining area in a Windsor garden.

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