Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Contemporary Garden Design

Contemporary garden design means different things to different people.  But, in my mind it is simple, geometric layouts with clean lines and modern features.  Contemporary gardens do not need to be sterile places covered in concrete with no plants.  They are usually very practical spaces with plenty of outdoor rooms for sitting and enjoying being outdoors.

I have designed many contemporary gardens over the years.  Here are some photographs of some contemporary gardens I have designed.

 Contemporary sloping garden design in Reading, Berkshire.

Contemporary garden design in Silchester, Berkshire

Contemporary garden design in Surbiton, Surrey 

Contemporary garden design in Bracknell, Berkshire

 Each garden I design is unique and designed to a list of requirements from every client.  No two gardens are the same, but all have my own creative input to ensure quality and attention to detail.  If you are looking for a garden which is special - beautiful, unique and tailored for your specific needs and tastes please get in touch.  Contact details are on my Web site, and you can see more of my work there and on my Facebook page, as well as Pinterest, Houzz and Google+.

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