Monday, 12 June 2017

Why Garden Design is a Good Investment

Building a new house or extending an existing home provides a wonderful opportunity to look at the whole site, including the garden.  Not only does a well-planned garden look beautiful, it creates an outdoor room with extra space for eating, relaxing and entertaining. The garden is often neglected, but when designed correctly it creates valuable, useable space that can be enjoyed all year round.

Sunny Sheltered Courtyard - Garden Design in Crowthorne, Berkshire

When extending a property or building a new home it’s easy to focus on the inside of the house and forget about the garden until the last minute.  After the builders and budget have gone the view out of the sparkly new bi-folds is of a garden which now resembles a ploughed field.

Kerb appeal and elegance in this Woking, Surrey front garden design
People are often reluctant to spend extra (around 10% of the cost of the garden) on having a set of professional garden design plans prepared.  However, no-one would build a house, or an extension without plans to give to the building contractors.  The garden designer’s role is the same as an architect when building a house - they make sure the garden is built correctly and act as a conduit between the landscape contractors and the client. 

Garden design plan - Egham, Surrey

It is tempting to go straight to the landscapers.  When building a simple patio or deck this can work, but for a whole garden makeover, or when dealing with a tricky space it’s really worth paying a garden designer to prepare the plans.  An experienced designer will be able to provide a complete set of plans including technical drawings and specifications that tell the contractors exactly how the garden should be built.  A set of garden design plans will remove the margin for error when constructing the garden and ensure the budget is well invested.

  3-D visual of garden design in Crowthorne, Berkshire

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