Monday, 8 June 2009

Sunningdale Golf Club

I don’t often get my hands dirty these days; Lisa does an amazing job on planting and maintenance which I don’t really have time for. However, I got a call from one of my regular clients, Sunningdale Golf Club, last week saying that they needed some planting repaired at the front of the Club House in time for a competition on Monday. As Lisa is away on holiday, I had to juggle my diary, pull on my gloves and step up to the plate.

This was no real hardship, I love being at Sunningdale Golf Club, it is a beautiful place, I find it tranquil and relaxing. I can honestly say it was a thoroughly soothing experience, chatting with members and doing a little light planting to remind myself how simple life can be if you allow yourself to relax occasionally. I also always plant the four large pots that sit at the entrance to the club house. I choose a hot June morning and stuff the stone urns with pretty pastel bedding plants, so unlike anything else I’d ever design, but so fitting for this place. When I’ve spent the day there I always feel strangely restored. The charming Arts & Crafts club house provides an echo of elegant times past, and the golf course itself is immaculate. It’s a sort of microcosm where the credit crunch and all the other nasty things going on in the World do not exist – a bit of escapism is fine from time to time. I sometimes sit on the Wisteria covered terrace and have a cup of coffee whilst watching members practice on the beautifully manicured putting green which is flanked by a fabulously overstuffed herbaceous border designed by my good self. I usually do one project a year for the Club, mostly planting design, with the occasional piece of hard landscape design. I always look forward to getting my annual brief from the club – it’s one of my favourite parts of the garden designing year.

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