Saturday, 9 January 2010

It may be winter outside

It may be winter outside, but in my heart it’s spring – so go the lyrics to a Love Unlimited song (written by Barry White, doncha know?) have a listen I guarantee it will cheer you up.

Here in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey we are well and truly snowbound and I hate it! I hadn’t appreciated fully how much time I spend outside all year round. However, I’m not just sitting inside feeling glum (although there is a bit of that) I’m having a good old think about what I want to do in my garden this year. It doesn’t matter at what stage of development your garden is, there is always some small tweak that can make it better, or something that isn’t quite working and needs sorting out. A garden is not a static thing – even an inside room will need maintenance, so a garden which lives and breathes will need occasional adjustment and additions to keep it looking gorgeous.

If you’re going to make changes in your garden now is a great time to get your thoughts together. If you’re going to consult a landscape designer start doing your research and considering how you want to use the garden. Think about what things you need to make the best use of your garden. Get ideas from books, magazines and the internet to find out what you like in terms of aesthetics, style, planting. Decide how you want the garden to feel – is it to be a cool, urban retreat for partying with friends, or a relaxed country garden with space for wildlife, or a place to indulge your gardening hobby. Do you need to think about elderly or disabled visitors? Whatever you want in the garden make sure you plan it and consider whether it meets your needs before you ask anyone to put a shovel in the ground.

For those of you who, because of the state of the housing market/economy, have stayed put in a house that you were planning to sell don’t be afraid to make improvements to the garden. Whatever money you spend will be a good investment – my estate agent friends tell me that a good garden always helps sell a property and you will get your investment back when you sell. In the meantime you can enjoy the garden yourself – a true win/win situation.

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