Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Planning Issues for Garden Construction

This is a really useful site all about garden buildings. It's got an excellent section on planning and building regulations - people are often confused about the difference between the two - setting out what doesn't need planning permission. When I designed a garden room for a Maidenhead (Berkshire) garden I checked with the planners. I was told that as well as the total square metreage and other planning considerations the structure has to be more than 5.5m away from the house.

When you're doing anything major in your garden a phone call to the planning office in your local Council is always worthwhile. Some things need planning that you would not expect. Under certain circumstances you may need planning for decking. A quick call will clarify the issue, and if you need planning permission I know it's a nuisance and slows things down, but at least you will avoid expensive alterations or even being made to remove the structure entirely.

For driveways even if you're sure you don't need planning permission, it's worth applying for a permitted development certificate, so that there can be no doubt whatsoever in the future.

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