Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Garden Design Ideas - Small Shallow Garden - Update 2

The build for this small, shallow garden in Bracknell, Berkshire is well underway and can really get a sense of how the garden will feel when it's complete. Already, there is a greater sense of enclosure and you can see how different parts of the garden will be used. This design shows that it is possible to create an uncluttered, small garden with distinct areas which each have a different atmosphere and function.

The retaining walls for the raised borders are all in place and waiting for a coat of render, or cladding. I'm just mulling over what colour to paint the walls. It will definitely be a colour, I'm just not decided on which one yet. I shall go and retrieve my paint charts and colour swatches and examine them over a cup of tea later.

The paving has arrived and is being laid. I have chosen this silver blue which I use a lot as it goes well with almost any brick colour and helps to create a clean, crisp finish.

The walls of the barbeque enclosure are also nearly finished. This is just an alcove for the barbeque to slide into with peripheral cupboards. It's a very neat solution (if I say so myself) to storing the barbeque which often ends up standing folornly on the patio looking rather untidy. The two cupboards will be finished with a slab which will be sealed and function as worktops, turning a storage area into an outdoor kitchen.

The pergola over the shady seating area is due to go in next. Metal pins have been mortared into the footings for the retaining wall around the seating area, these are to hold in place the chunky 150mm square uprights. The retaining walls will be constructed around the uprights. The whole structure will be painted black, as will all other wood in the garden.

I am currently working on the lighting plan and planting plan for this garden, more of that in the next update.

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