Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Garden Design Ideas - Small Shallow Garden - Update 4

In the Warfield (Bracknell) garden the cladding is on, the pergola is built, the edgings are almost in, the paving is almost finished. You'd think that was most of the difficult bits out of the way. Think again. I'm at a crossroads design-wise, its touch and go, make or break. Not really, I'm just trying to decide what colour to paint the walls.

Here are the colours currently under consideration.


Aqua blue

Sky Blue (Boo says she likes this one)

Dusty Lilac

At the moment we are veering towards the lilac as there is to be a Lavender hedge opposite the painted wall. But if you've got the time, or the inclination, let me know what you think. Only polite suggestions/comments please!

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