Monday, 23 July 2012

Sloping Garden Design - Case Study - Post 2

The build has started at this steeply sloping garden in Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire.  The house is perched right on top of a hill and the garden drops 3m from top to bottom.  I’ve developed a plan that preserves the stunning views over the Buckinghamshire countryside whilst making the garden attractive and safe for the client’s young children.

Site clearance is always an exciting time.  The old garden is almost gone all but a few piles of rubble.  Even at this stage you can see how much more useable space there will be in the garden once it’s finished.

Kings Landscapes is the contractor and they are doing a great job especially in the appalling weather conditions we had last week.  It has been possible to get a small digger into the site which speeds things up and makes life a little easier for Neil and George.  Although, a great deal of hand digging is necessary because of the awkward shape of the site.  

The old retaining walls and steps have been removed and the new levels are being set out as per my construction/setting out plan.  I had to work extra hard to ensure the levels worked precisely in this small space.  The challenge is fitting in sufficient steps with the correct riser heights to navigate the various terraced levels.  When designing sloping gardens the technical aspect of addressing the level changes with retaining walls and steps to create useable space are at least as important as the aesthetic considerations of the garden design.   

As well as the steep nature of this site it is also a very awkward shape and this lower corner could have ended up being unused or a dumping ground.  Instead, I have made it easier to access via a ramp and at the end will be a deck for the children to play safely in their own 'hidden' space.

The upper level is going to be a flat lawn enclosed by child proof railings so that the children can be allowed to play safely with the minimum of supervision.

See the previous post for some before shots and the garden design plan and model. 

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