Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sloping Garden Design - Case Study - Post 3

The build is well underway in this steeply sloping Buckinghamshire garden.  The built elements of the garden look very dominant and a little overbearing at the moment.  This is inevitable when constructing a garden on such a steep site.  However, there will be plenty of planting to soften the garden structure, provide privacy for and from neighbouring properties and blend the garden in with its surroundings. 

All the levels have been excavated and the mostly wooden structure that will retain the new garden is in place.

Although railway sleepers have been used to retain all but the patio area of the new garden the walls look and feel absolutely solid.  Stout (150mm x 150mm) square uprights have been concreted in at no more than 1m intervals.  Each sleeper is fixed to an upright and/or the sleeper beneath it using 300mm long Timberlok screw bolts. 

There has also been a saving on the build costs as no waste has been removed.  We have managed to use all soil and old hard landscaping materials to make up the new levels or as a sub-base for the new path and deck areas.  It is anticipated that only a small amount of new topsoil will be needed.

The blockwork retaining wall that will support the patio area has been built and is awaiting its render finish.

The frameworks for the upper and lower deck areas are in place ready to be clad with Redwood deck boards laid smooth side up.   

All step risers are in place.  This part of the build took longer than expected as the steps leading up from the lower deck area had to be fitted in precisely with the new terraced planting.


The raised borders just need a bit of a top up with some extra soil then we can start thinking about planting.

See the first and second posts for earlier progress shots and a link to the the garden design plan and model. 
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pjarmstrong said...

That's a lot of terracing !! We've used all the flatland, and have to move uphill.

Linsey said...

If you want flat spaces you need to build some walls. I love doing slopes. However, until the planting goes in it all does look a bit scary!!