Monday, 23 November 2009

News flash - garden designer is fair weather gardener!

This horrible, wet weather is keeping me out of the garden at the moment and there's loads of tidying up to do - I hate looking out at it, it's depressing. I did manage to make a quick trip to the allotment over the weekend, my first since getting back from sunny Tenerife. I really went to pick the last of my Borlotti beans, which I make into a lovely warm salad with Avocado, sliced mushrooms (raw), soft goat's cheese and a simple lemon juice and Olive oil dressing - it's delicious. However, I was happy to see that my Broad Beans, planted a little earlier than specified in late October, are three inches high, and virtually all my garlic has come up.

I've never managed to get organised enough to plant crops that like to overwinter, although I did do garlic last year and found that I hadn't planted enough - we eat a lot of it and so this year I did about four times as much. I also had a horrible disappointment this year with my Broad Beans which I absolutely love, so I planted some in October to see what would happen. It's really great to see something happening on the plot at this time of year. I'll still do my Broad Beans in spring as well, but this means I'll have some to freeze as well - hopefully!

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